Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Goldwell hair dressing awards...

On Monday, I did an exciting day's work with Yan Skates -  a bespoke florist specialising in exclusive event work. The event on monday was a hairdressing awards ceremony held by Goldwell Hair products in a very swanky bar in Oxford Circus. The theme or trend of the evening was "Fascinature'. 

We spent most of the day wiring up flowers & then suspending them from the ceiling -  making them look as though the flowers were emerging from these wooden ornaments. 

The flowers were suspended in a snake like pattern across the whole length of one side of the venue creating a colourful rhythm through the pale wood. 

It was really great to work with some really high-end materials - including these vanda orchids  & cymbidiums. We also used celosia, ginger lily, a selection of grasses & very unusual 'Grafiiti' anthuriums which quite literally looked as though they had been spray painted!

We also used these amazing bat orchids which I'd never even heard of before - I almost can't quite believe they're real! - They have a very dark, sinister feel to them but are quite beautiful. 

Strands of honey suckle was used to adorn the light features - again, placed to look as though they are emerging from the object itself. 

We planted up these beautiful Hibiscus plants - the bold colours had such a great impact in the muted lighting of the bar. 

Just to give some idea of the 'Fascinature' concept, here are a few images of the Goldwell hair trend which Yan so skillfully interpreted into floral design.