Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hampton Court Flower Show...

First of all, I am soo pleased to say that my team's idea / concept for ' The Lady of Shalott' has won an RHS gold medal &  best college exhibit at Hampton Court Flower Show! - I still really can't quite believe it... here is a quick snap shot of the stand ( a more in depth post on it to follow!)

I had a really great time exploring the show yesterday & can't wait to return on saturday! Here are a few of my favourite gardens...
This garden  is called 'The LandForm Garden' and was designed by Catherine MacDonald. It won a gold medal plus best summer garden & I can definitely see why. - I think what striked me the most about it was the unusual combination of colours & materials. The oranges and yellow sit so beautifully against the blue.

This garden is called 'Our First Home, Our First Garden' and was designed by Nilufer Danis. I completely fell in love with it - it's quite small & cosy whilst looking really contemporary at the same time. This garden also won a gold medal and the best low cost high impact award as it cost only £7000!

This garden is the Badger Beer Garden and was designed by FlemensWarlandDesign. What I loved about this garden was the rustic, naturalistic planting & the simple country feel to. I also loved the beer bottle path!

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