Monday, 19 December 2011

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas...

College has finished for christmas now but during my last week I got to do two new christmas designs which I loved! First of all, I made this christmas wreath - it was made using moss & wire & then a selection of blue spruce, cuppressus, & berried ivy (which I love!) & then decorated with my red, brown & chocolate themed accessories.

We also made this winter bridesmaid pommander in festive reds & greens using asparagus, hypericum berries, froggy chrysanthemums & maroon spray roses.

Finally, here are some beautiful roses I bought. I love the vintage browny pinkiness of them & thought they went well with our chintzy table cloth!

Have a lovely & very merry christmas everyone! xxx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Flower Station...

This week I did a work placement at the Flower Station - a lovely Florist full of beautiful flowers just inside Chelmsford train station. The shop has quite a contemporary feel to it & their signature style includes lots of big blooms - lilies, roses, amarylis, sunflowers & gerbera.

I got the opportunity to make lots of hand tied arrangements which was great experience for me! Here are a couple I put together - this one consisted of a rose, gerberas, tulips, wax flower, flox & salal.

This one contained gerberas, spray roses, lilies, giant chrysanthemum heads, 1 rose & salal.

Look at these chillis which are used in arrangements - I love the quirkiness of them!

I also got to make some christmas wreaths which was really fun - I love the dried chillis & apple slices.

All in all, a great week! x

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Alice in wonderland!

Last week I went to a wholesalers & fell a little bit in love with these lovely stripey spray roses! I think they look as if someone has splashed bits of paint on them - just like the ones which are painted red in Alice in Wonderland! They are called 'Flash Dance' & are definitely going to go down as one of my favourites!

Little Alice in Wonderland sketches I made.

My little cat Nellie was fairly impressed with the roses too!

I also bought a bunch of this lovely red Ilex - very festive!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Red, purple & green...

This week I have been inspired by the colours red, purple & green! Quite wintery shades but very rich & luxurious & great at christmas time.
- Working on that theme this is a beautiful red rose I snapped in the park!

This is a bridemaid's posy I made at college this week which consists of red roses, purple lisianthus, red spray carnations & hypericum.

Reds & purples in this lovely display of Sweet Peas at Hyde Hall.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

spots,spots, spots...

I can't seem to stop putting spots in the background of my arrangements! This first photo is of a peony with some small yellow garden roses - I love the milk bottle & the general simplicity of the design.

This is an A-symmetric design we did at college using Molucella, dianthus, gerberas, Fatsia leaves & Aspidistra.

A simple yellow rose corsage with ivy leaves - matched perfectly with my nails!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wedding floristry plus autumnal bike!

First of all, I just had to take a quick a quick snap of my bike with the lovely hydrangeas I bought the other week! I'm loving all the red, browns, purples & orange colours around!

I thought I would share with some of the wedding work I have been doing at college - it's very fiddley & time consuming (for me at the moment atleast!) but I really love it. On Monday we made this hair circlet which has been my favourite item to make so far - can't wait to create an autunmal themed one now!

We have quite a few corsages so far & even though I am not a particularly pink person these two are among my favourites. I love the sedum & hypericum used with the spray roses here.

This is a handbag corsage using cerise pink dendrobiums & michaelmas daisies.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Covent Garden Flower Market

Yesterday I visited the Covent Garden Flower market for the first time & absolutely loved it - despite getting up at 2.30 in the morning! They had the most amazing array of different flowers & foilages including all these beautiful tulips...

There was a display of designer arrangements on show - this was my favourite as I liked the rambley feel to it - almost like all the materials are entangled into one another.

I just had to buy a bunch of 4 beautiful hydrangeas - such amazing colours.
I've never seen roses like these before - they are called 'amnesia' & have a really delicate, antique look to them.

More colours of hydrangea...

Another designer arrangement - I like the apples in this one & thought it had a really fun, light hearted look to it!

I bought a huge bunch of anemones which are one of my favourite flowers- love the rustic look of them!

Can't wait till my next visit...

Friday, 28 October 2011

Autumn shades...

I have to admit that I absolutely love autumn as it combines all my favourite colour schemes. These first 2 pictures were taken in the tea rooms on Writtle village green - lovely little autumnal hand tied designs of alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, carnations & hypericum in humble little jam jars! - so lovely...

This was taken at Hyde Hall - I was a little bit amazed at the vibrant shades of orange it had!

This is a flower I fell in love with last summer - it's called 'Black Eyed Susan' & it climbs elegantly up the wall.

A brown & orange inspired rose pattern I designed!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A few of my favourite things...


I am very excited to be doing my very first blog post on everything floral inspired! I am currently studying for my Level 2 Diploma in Floristry at Writtle College & am absolutely loving it! I thought to start off my blog I would share with you just a few of my favourite things...

This is my bike which I spend more of the time staring at than actually riding! - I am a little bit in love with it & it's the perfect prop for my floral creations!

I absolutely love these warm yellow daisies (I don't know the all the proper names yet!) together with the tinyness of the lilac flowers - the perfect combination.

Browns, oranges, reds & yellows are definitely my favourite colour schemes! Love the old fashioned look of these daisies. I love all things retro - but inparticular the colours, patterns & designs from the 60s & 70s - here are a few items in my collection...

I can't help but love roses.... This is one I grew last year which is a David Austin rose called ' teasing Georgia.' It has a really lovely scent. The picture of the pink roses was taken at Hyde Hall - I love the frilliness of them & they have a really nice Old fashioned English look to them which I adore!

Last, but by no means least, Delphiniums are one of my favourite, favourite flowers. I love this light blue shade - its so soft & pretty. There's just definitely something very special about delphiniums - they are so tall & elegant but still subtle & pretty.