Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A few of my favourite things...


I am very excited to be doing my very first blog post on everything floral inspired! I am currently studying for my Level 2 Diploma in Floristry at Writtle College & am absolutely loving it! I thought to start off my blog I would share with you just a few of my favourite things...

This is my bike which I spend more of the time staring at than actually riding! - I am a little bit in love with it & it's the perfect prop for my floral creations!

I absolutely love these warm yellow daisies (I don't know the all the proper names yet!) together with the tinyness of the lilac flowers - the perfect combination.

Browns, oranges, reds & yellows are definitely my favourite colour schemes! Love the old fashioned look of these daisies. I love all things retro - but inparticular the colours, patterns & designs from the 60s & 70s - here are a few items in my collection...

I can't help but love roses.... This is one I grew last year which is a David Austin rose called ' teasing Georgia.' It has a really lovely scent. The picture of the pink roses was taken at Hyde Hall - I love the frilliness of them & they have a really nice Old fashioned English look to them which I adore!

Last, but by no means least, Delphiniums are one of my favourite, favourite flowers. I love this light blue shade - its so soft & pretty. There's just definitely something very special about delphiniums - they are so tall & elegant but still subtle & pretty.


  1. This is lovely Alie! Love the picture of all your crockery all together :-) xxx

  2. what a Lovely First Post Alie - love all the floral photos xx

  3. LOL. Is that rose really called 'teasing Georgia'? Lovely photos. :)

  4. Thanks Andrea - yes, it is really called 'teasing georgia' - quite appropriate!

  5. Lovely first post Alie, adoring your retro crockery :)