Tuesday, 12 February 2013

In sympathy...

It's always a little sad when I get asked to make funeral tributes but there's something quite nice about getting the chance to create something really beautiful & appropriate for that person. - I guess that that is partly why I love flowers, they can convey & evoke such a lot of emotion.

I have to say that I find the more traditional funeral tributes deeply uninspiring - there's something about  white chrysanthemum basing & tacky plastic ribbon that I just find very depressing & personally, just make the whole sombre affair of a funeral all the more negative. Therefore,  I always aim for my funeral tributes to look natural, understated & to convey a real feeling of peace, serenity & hope.

This is a simple tied shief - definitely my preferred choice of funeral tribute. I love the 'just picked' look of it & the white, yellow, blue colour scheme has a real springtime optimism to it.  This arrangement includes eucalyptus, wax flower, roses, gysophilia & eryngium. 

I was asked to make this cross tribute using the beautiful Lily-of-the-Valley because it had been in the gentleman's wife's bouquet at their wedding. At first I was really surprised that they wanted strictly just Lily-of-the-Valley & foliage but after construction, I could see that actually the simplicity really works. I just love the delicacy of the Lily-of-the-Valley against the meadow of green foliage. 

I always find the wreath to be a very satisfying & easthetically pleasing design. I wanted to make this really fresh & rustic looking. It contains, wax flower, white roses, gysophilia, white ranunculas, erngium & a whole mixture of different seasonal foliages. 

This is a tear drop design containing Irises, red roses, eryngium, eucalyptus, alstroemeria & gysophilia, it's a little brighter than my other designs mainly due to the variegated leaves but still has a relaxed rustic feel to it.