Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Victory Bouquets...

Today I have been creating some of the 4,400 Olympic Victory Bouquets at Writtle College. It's such an exciting event to be involved in & really great experience. Here is a bird eye's view of my first creation today...

There's quite a of work to do even before construction, all materials have to been conditioned & grouped...

The bouquet itself was designed by Jane Packer & contains 4 different types of British grown roses, lavender, wheat, rosemary & mint which also all have been produced in the UK. It is designed in quadrants to reflect the 2012 logo & the lines of materials in between them are supposed to represent British ingredients - they also provide a lovely scent!
There's been quite a lot of different opinions on these bouquets as they are not in any way a typical victory bouquet - they are far smaller & simpler but I really like them - I love the rustic, understated look to them.

Me with a finished Victory Bouquet!

Athletes with the victory bouquets...


  1. Ooooh, I've been looking at these on TV and wondering which ones you created Alie! What a fantastic project. Well done. x

  2. Every time i see them presented on TV I think of you !!!! Well Done x

  3. Alie, this is just so flippin exciting!! Such an amazing event to be a part of - well done to you and everyone else involved. I just love hearing all these stories of how people have been involved with/touched in some way by the Olympics. Telly's on now, I'll be looking out for the ones you made :)

  4. Aah, thanks my dears - that's very kind! The ones we made today are going to the athletics tomorrow! x