Friday, 16 March 2012

Spring has sprung!

Ah, it finally does feel like spring has began now! - I've been on another work placement this week at the lovely Juniper Flowers in Sudbury where I have been planting lots of beautiful springtime flowers. - I got to plant these lovely little rustic buckets of tete a tete bulbs to adorn the tables of a local restaurant - I love this idea as an alternative to having a couple of stems in a vase! - Modern yet rustic!

Here are a couple of new favourite flowers - firstly, this beautiful tulip, aptly named 'lingerie' for its delicate frilly edge. - I absolutely love it!

Lisianthus is another flower I'm loving at the moment - the heads are a little rose - like but far looser & more open & I particularly like the long twisted shape the of buds.

I have had so much coursework (again!) recently that I'm not getting much time to blog - but this is what I've been up to! Currently, I'm working on a unit where I have to design a shop window working along the theme of the Jubilee... More to follow soon!

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